Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Great Advantages of Speaking More than One Language

In era globalization, everything was changed. As a human being, we have to try to open minded and do not reckon on one way. Everyone wants to be better. They may do all of things that it can make them better. Many aspects can posses in the era-development, for example technology, education, and skill. As we know, technology is also developing till now, so it caused the competition to each other right now. They must competitive to get the additional information. On the other hand, we know that there are many languages in worldwide, for example Indonesian, English, Spanish, and so on. We might be familiar with them, because those give the advantage for us in our life, especially when we communicate with another people. One thing that we need to master it is speaking way. Speaking is necessary for all over people in the world. Without speaking, we do not tell our thought to another people. If we can speak the foreign language, we are able to chat to each other in the worldwide. Communication is the important thing for us, right? Besides that, we can get lots of information from the internet, if we learn to speak another language. Then, in the next advantage, we can get a new job easily, when we are able to speak more than one language. We can also go abroad and take the scholarship. It is because there are many scholarships which emphasize for studying in the foreign country. So, it will make us feel easy in this life. Hence, speaking more than language is a great advantage.

Everyone wants to share their mind with other people. First advantage is we will chat to each other wherever we do, for example in the campus, school, office, public service, and so on. Due to this reason, it may help us to communicate to another people around the world. Even, we also get lots of friendships that make us be popular. It is because some people said that if we try to make friendship with foreign people, we can be popular and get additional information from them, for example we know about the culture and language in certain country. Then, learning another culture is very attracting, because we can compare with our country and also promote our culture in another country through speaking . We certainly get a pride from this and also have already participated to introduce our culture. It is possible if we can also help the government. On other way, many people in wide world know about internet. Internet has relation with speaking, because almost every people can browse the internet. Even, through internet we get information and chat to others people in the world.

Second, consider that speaking also help us to get the better job and also develop our job to be better. As we know, many business that including English or another languages to get a high position. Moreover, in this era, that reason is necessary for the people who are going to get a new job. According to the information that I once got, several offices have already used IELTS or TOEFL for the applicant. Business and commerce are increasingly driven by international trade and if we are going to grow in our job we need to able to follow this trend. On the other hand, we can build a building which is for courses, if we have speaking ability. Besides we can improve our skill, we also get many experiences about how to make speaking to be useful for all people over world.

The next advantage is we can go abroad wherever we want. It means that we might be able to study in foreign country, for example in America, Australia, England, and so on. As we know, many scholarships that include to study in those countries and some people are interesting about that. Even, almost some scholarships also use speaking for the interview, when we want to study in those countries. Speaking into foreign language is the important point to choose which person that is suitable in certain job. In that case, we can see that speaking more than one language is more useful.

In general explanation, speaking more than one language offers us some advantages. We have to realize it, because we are demanded to face in globalization era. Even, we must competitive with others people through speaking. From the explanation above, we get clearly the new things about the advantage of speaking. It can help us to chat with another people in the world, especially communicating to each other, get a new job and develop our job/career, and also go abroad to foreign country. Although every country has different way about speaking, but speaking more than one language brings us to be better in this world.

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  1. Beautiful Sights to Visit in Indonesia

    In the world, there are many beautiful sights that make many people interest to visit especially in holiday. One of them is Indonesia, the ultimate places to visit when you want to have a perfect holiday. Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world which offers splendid beaches and fabulous island. From the extraordinary to super extraordinary panoramas, friendly people, and unique culture, Indonesia will be able to delight and amuse each individual to come. It is no doubt that my country has some of the most beautiful sights that you will ever see such as the examples below that spread from Sabang to Merauke.
    Starting from the Western part of Indonesia, Sumatera Island, you could visit many interesting places. One of them is Toba Lake which is one of the biggest and most famous lakes in Indonesia. This place is beautiful and it is located in North Sumatera. This lake is very unique because there is an island in the center of this lake. The name of that island is Samosir. An additional place is Way Kambas which is a place to reserve elephants. It is the only one elephant reservation in Indonesia which is located in Lampung. You could see directly many elephants live naturally in their habitat. Some of the elephants are trained to do some attractions that amuse many tourists who see their attractions. In that case, Toba Lake and Way Kambas is always interesting to visit in your holiday.
    The next part that you could visit in Indonesia is Java Island. Java also has many interesting places such as Bromo and Borobudur. Bromo in East Java has a beautiful sunrise that makes many tourists mesmerized and interested to visit it. The majority of Bromo’s people are Hindu and every each year they always celebrate Galungan. To celebrate Galungan, they have a special ceremony called Kasodo. Bromo’s people believe that Kasodo could save them from disaster. Another interesting place is Borobudur in Magelang, Central Java. Borobudur is one of the biggest Buddist Temples in the world which constructed from big stones. It was built in the 9th century. It is easy to find this place because it is near from Yogyakarta. This temple is very high and has unique architecture. Because of that, Borobudur used to be one of World Wonder. If you like to journey to religious tourism places, both Bromo and Borobudur are best choice for you.
    Finally, we go to the Eastern part of Indonesia which has many beautiful sights. One of them is Bunaken Nasional Marine Park in North Sulawesi. From the name, you actually know that the most beautiful part of this place is under the sea. In Bunaken, you can find that this place is harbor of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world because there are many species of the sea creatures such as corals, fish, and sponges. It is perfect place for the tourists who like diving. The next icon is Komodo Island in NTT. In this place, you can see the biggest reptile in the world, Komodo, which can not be found in another place. Due to that, this island is named after the name of this reptile, Komodo Island. Recently, Komodo Island becomes a finalist of the New 7 Wonder of nature. If you like quiet situation and far from the city noise so both of them are the right place for relaxing.
    In conclusion, Indonesia has many beautiful places that spread from Sabang to Merauke such as Toba Lake, Way Kambas, Bromo, Borobudur, Bunaken and Komodo Island. When you start for planning vacation to my country why you do not choose one of them becomes one of your targets. I think that is the right choice for you.